UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern Medical Center Security Notice

The information system you are using is the property of or licensed to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern). For the integrity of the system and to comply with state and federal mandates, policies and procedures govern its use. Please understand that there is no privacy in your use of this digital information system and its use if for official purposes only. No personal use of this system is permitted.

For security and other reasons related to UT Southwestern operations, activities on these systems are monitored and may be recorded by systems support personnel. Anyone using a UT Southwestern information system consents to such monitoring.

Pursuant to the Texas Administrative Code (Title I, Part 10, Chapter 202, Subchapter C), all UT Southwestern information systems are solely for the use of authorized users. UT Southwestern management or the appropriate law enforcement agency may be advised and be provided evidence of any Individual using a UT Southwestern information system without authority, in an unauthorized manner, for inappropriate activity, or to violate the law.

Prior to accessing this information system you should be thoroughly familiar with UT Southwestern information security policies and procedures. By using this information system, you acknowledge that you understand these issues and will comply with these policies.

Connection to the University network implies acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in applicable UT Southwestern Information Security Policies and Procedures.